February 7 declared as School Choice Day in Diocese

    Catholic schools have been successfully serving communities all across the state of Texas for more than one hundred years. For generations our schools have been offering a quality education to families from a wide spectrum of ethnic, regional and economic backgrounds, as well as faith traditions. Today, unfortunately, there are too many communities in our state where parents are limited, often due to economic reasons, in the educational choices available to them. In order to help these families, we believe a legislatively enacted school choice system would help to provide parents with the access to educational opportunities and resources needed so that each child can fully develop his or her potential. 

Because of our Catholic social teaching, we are conscious of our right and duty to help form the consciences of our fellow Catholics and to influence the minds and hearts of all people of good will. We join other leaders in faith in calling upon our legislators, who are in office to serve the broad public good, to adopt a broad system of educational choice. Similarly, we call upon community leaders – especially those who represent the very families that would most benefit from educational choice – to speak out for the cause of children over any institutional or political interest.

To this end, the Diocese of San Angelo declares February 7th as School Choice Day, and encourages parents, students, other interested individuals, Catholic schools and parishes to become involved in this important issue. We are also calling upon families, groups and individuals who are able to attend the upcoming Education Freedom Rally at the Texas Capitol, in
Austin, on February 7th and demonstrate to our elected representatives our commitment to school choice and our desire to strengthen our
Texas educational system.


Education Freedom RallyTexas
Capitol –
Austin, TX
February 7, 200712:30 PM – 2:00 PM


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