Bishop Pfeifer, Angelo Catholic students to plant tree April 20 in commemoration of Earth Day

 Bishop Michael Pfeifer will help students from Angelo Catholic School plant a tree in commemoration of Earth Day, 10 a.m., Friday, April 20, 2007. The tree planting ceremony and a prayer service will be conducted at the Holy Angels Church campus, 2309 A&M St.  “As we start the Third Millennium, a new awareness of the magnificence and uniqueness of  the Earth as one intertwined community of life is growing among all people everywhere,” Pfeifer said. “The lack of care and respect for all life on Planet Earth has brought about an environmental crisis of staggering dimensions. The Earth crisis is fundamentally a spiritual crisis and calls for a serious examination of human life in relation to all other life on Earth. We need to transform our relationship with the planet, especially by working for environmental justice.”  Children from Angelo Catholic School will be asked to share their reflections on why we should celebrate Earth Day, and especially about how we can work together to protect the planet, which is our home and source of life. Special prayers will be offered for guidance and peace as we deal with critical questions that affect the environment and ecology. A key to turning the world around and to solving our ecological crisis, Pfeifer added, is “to discover the sacred mysteries that surround us in the universe on Earth.  “A major work of our time,” Pfeifer said, “is to make sure that the Earth does not fall into deficit as a result of our presence. What sense does it make to have healthy humans living on a terminally ill planet?”  For several years, the children at Angelo Catholic School have helped Bishop Pfeifer’s message come alive on Earth Day by planting a new tree each year on the campus of the school, at Holy Angels.  For additional information or questions, please contact Jimmy Patterson, Director of Communications, Diocese


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