Comanches return for day of remembrance in Menard

   MENARD — When Donna Putnam’s great-grandfather was a small boy in 19th-century Fredericksburg, he and another child were taken from their homes by Quixote Indians. One boy eventually returned home; Putnam’s great-grandfather remained and learned and lived as a Native American, eventually even marrying a Comanche. Ultimately, Putnam said, her great-grandfather would convert to Catholicism and bring the faith to their family.
   Though there is no direct link between Putnam and the Native Americans involved in the massacre at Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba, she and other members of her family will be honored guests as part of the June 9 festivities commemorating the events in 1757.
   “He lived to be 93 and he died in 1941,” Ms. Putnam said. “I remember. he used to sit and tell me stories.”

                                      — Jimmy Patterson


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