Lake Ivie Thanksgiving Mass today at 6 p.m.

    An anniversary Thanksgiving Mass to thank God for the blessing of Lake O.H. Ivie will be celebrated today at 6 p.m. by the Most. Rev. Michael D. Pfeifer, Bishop of San Angelo, and Rev. Romanus Akamike, pastor of St. Charles Church in Eden.

    (NOTE: The location of the Thanksgiving Mass and reception that will follow is 10 miles from Paint Rock. Take Hwy. 83 to Hwy.1929 approximately 18-20 miles to the north side of the dam. The metal building is the CRWMD Field Office and the gates will be marked.)

    The host parishes for the Mass are Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Millersview and St. Charles Church in Eden, both pastored by Fr. Romanus Akamike.

    “Psalm 105 says, ‘Give thanks to the Lord, proclaim his greatness, tell the nations what he has done.’ This is an invitation for a thanksgiving mass for what the Lord has done for us through our Bishop Pfeifer,” Fr. Romanus said. “This dam at Lake Ivie was blessed by the Bishop about 17 years ago and shortly after that blessing the dam was filled with water as a sign of God’s response to the prayers offered by the bishop.”

   Also helping to coordinate the Mass is Deacon Charles Evans, Director of Rural Life for the Diocese of San Angelo. Deacon Evans said the Mass will also include petitions for additional beneficial rainfall.


   “Bishop Pfeifer has pointed out that now is the time to gather to thank God for the beautiful blessing of this wonderful reservoir of water and to ask God to constantly send more water into the reservoir,” Deacon Evans said. “Hopefully people from all over the area will be present for the special Mass of thanksgiving to petition for more rain.”


   There will be a meal served following the Mass


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