Second Communitywide Drug Taskforce Meeting to be conducted among Midland Leaders, Bishop Pfeifer

     We are encouraged to present our second Communitywide Drug Task Force Meeting, Tuesday, August 7, at 1 p.m. in the Midland High School Library, 906 W. Illinois. We hope you will consider covering this event as we come together as a community to try to help stem the flow of drugs into our neighborhoods and schools.

    Information critical to the future of our young people was introduced at our first meeting in May by a wide array of leaders including Federal Judge Robert Junell, MISD Superintendent Dr. Sylvester Perez, Midland Mayor Mike Canon, Palmer Drug Abuse Program Counselor Bruce Cooper and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Midland office.

   Since May, our core committee, comprised of U.S. Attorney John Klassen, private attorney Tom Morgan, licensed chemical dependency counselor Kerri Faudree, Faces of Children representative Chris Laufer and others have been focusing on studying the feasibility of three main focus areas. Pending their findings and further input by our larger committee at this August 7 meeting, we hope to further study the practicality of:

n       DRUG COURTS: Instituting a drug court concept in Midland, shifting some of the load off of the district court and providing alternatives to the current judicial process.

n       INCREASING RECOVERY RESOURCES. One of Midland’s main challenges is its lack of recovery centers. A recovering abuser’s options have lessened even since our May meeting with the closing of Desert Springs last week and, earlier, a training program for counselors at Odessa College.

EDUCATION. Providing students in local elementary and secondary schools a mandatory 2-3 hour program educating students and their parents at the beginning of each school year about the dangers of drugs, with the ultimate goal of convincing young people that drugs robs them of their joy in life and that it is acceptable to say no.


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