Bishop, committee to hear from students, announce objectives

    Community leaders throughout Midland convene at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3 at First Presbyterian Church (Rm. 214), 800 W. Texas, to hear from teenagers about the local drug problem and to announce progress and objectives that the group will work toward.    Members of the MISD Superintendent’s Youth Leadership group will make brief presentations regarding the drug situation and committee members are expected to announce that significant focus will be given to advocating for the establishment of drug courts in Midland County, and for relationship-based community service for probationary youth offenders.     The Task Force, formed by The Most Rev. Michael D. Pfeifer of the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo, began meeting in March with hopes of making inroads in the local drug epidemic through the combined effort of community leaders in Midland

AGENDAMidland Communitywide Drug Task ForceWednesday, October 310:30 a.m.First Presbyterian Church800 W. Texas, Rm. 214 

  1. Welcome/Open Remarks/Opening Prayer              Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer, Diocese of San Angelo
  2. Financial Contribution/Gift to group                          Bishop Pfeifer
  3. Committee Reports   
    Legislative                                                                 John Klassen, Jimmy Patterson
    Prevention                                                                 Bruce Cooper/Kerry Faudree
    Community Service                                                    Jimmy Patterson
    Education                                                                  Betty Newman
  4. Midland ISD Students and their stories, impressions about drugs in Midland
  5. Joining forces with existing coalitions                 Kerry Faudree
  6. Next Steps



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