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Starting over after the divorce or death of a spouse difficult but possible with support, love

By Kathy Keaton

   Many of you who are reading this are divorced, about to get a divorce or separated, or have experienced the death of your spouse.  You may have a friend or family member who is experiencing such a loss and be anxious to offer help to other.  Those experiencing these situations may be feeling devastated, lost, angry, scared, guilty or any other number of feelings that accompany a failed marriage, separation or death of a spouse.  Those experiencing the loss of a spouse know there is often unfinished business, many unanswered questions and sometimes stumbling blocks before one can accept the loss and begin moving forward.  There are daily problems as well as long-term concerns.  Continue reading


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Midland parishioner discovers power of Rosary after years

(Editor’s Note: Ellen Hopkins is a Midland-based freelance writer and parishioner at St. Ann’s in Midland.)

By Ellen Hopkins

   The nuns who taught us in the 1950s and 60s deepened our Catholic faith immeasurably but their repeated point about the rosary being a “powerful prayer” always eluded me, until recently. Of course, my idea of “powerful” back then had more to do with cars and NASA’s space program than church or prayers. But now that I’m in my 50s and my mother and mother-in-law have both died, the nuns’ point shines as brilliantly as the Christmas star.
   There are 53 Hail Mary prayers on each rosary and most people struggle to get through them without our minds wandering off on a tangent. We start thinking about God, the Blessed Mother and the five mysteries, and invariably revert to thinking about kids, office deadlines, where to eat lunch and whether the lawn mowing can wait until Saturday. All of this mind boggling thought occurs while we are still praying — or at least repeating — all those words in this powerful prayer. And powerful it is, as my mother could have told you. Continue reading

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